What to Expect in Dubai?
09 July 2024

A Trip to Dubai Means You Need to Own an Oil Reserve!

Luxury, sports cars, the most extravagant lifestyle are some of the things that come to mind when someone says Dubai. But, the one thing to remember is that Dubai was a modest city for the longest time before it became a record-breaking city. Dubai's rags to riches stories are very inspirational, which everyone would love to be a part of. Before oil was discovered in Dubai, fishing was the primary source of income. Today Dubai tops the list of most famous cities to visit. When you plan your Dubai visit, you can witness both sides of Dubai. The history of Dubai is rich and still very much a part of the glittering city. Summertime is the best time to visit Dubai, especially on a budget.

If you have children on the trip with you, they will remember their fun in Dubai in their summer vacations.

Summer in Dubai Gets Unbearably Hot and is the Cheapest Time to Visit Dubai!

Summer months in Dubai are not the ideal time to be rooming outside. But, everything in Dubai is air-conditioned; you won't even feel the heat outside. Starting from when you land at Dubai airport, the Dubai taxi that you catch to go to your hotel. You also can commute in the city through the Dubai Metro.

Dubai temperature in summer daytime is exceptionally high. That is when you experience cooler temperatures. You don't want to become a victim of the Dubai sun in the daylight. So, plan your outdoor activities for the night.

Considering most tourists avoid visiting Dubai in summer, the city goes through the off-season. Find everything in half the price of what you would do during wintertime. You can find all kinds of Dubai hotels to book, be it Dubai luxury hotels or even the Dubai apartment hotels. You will find the most budget-friendly rooms. If you visit in winter, the same room would cost you double, as Dubai is on-season. Summer is the best time to visit Dubai in groups and with your children.

A Shopaholic Dream Come True!

Summer is the time when vendors are ready to bargain. The low number of tourists in the city would make them want to make the most of the ones visiting them. You can get the price of your choice, meet them halfway, and create a win-win situation where both of you are happy. This is something you would not have the luxury of if you plan your Dubai visit in winter. The high number of travelers would give the vendors to find a better bargain. They would not be open for price negotiations. You will make the most of it in summer.

You can visit the old souks in Dubai, and can also go to the open market in Dubai. You would be able to witness the city's rich history in their souks. You would also find the best of everything that Dubai has to offer. You can get your hands on some of the best shopping deals that the city will offer.

Dubai shopping malls may seem to be very expensive. But, summer also witnesses the biggest Dubai shopping festival that there is. All the fun activities and brands see a big mark-down.

Make the most of the Summer Surprises!

Do not overwhelm yourself by overthinking. Just get your easily acquirable Dubai tourist visa and catch a flight to Dubai. You will have a fantastic time that will allow you to make the most beautiful memories with your family. Dubai time spent there in summer would be more budget-friendly than winters. You won't even have to face too much rush!